What is the estimated shipping time of my package?

The estimated shipping time of a package is generally between 14-20 business days. Our products are packaged and shipped by our suppliers who handle thousands of orders each day. Additionally, some products may be shipped from our overseas suppliers, which naturally takes longer transit duration.


I ordered multiple items. So arrived and some didn’t ?

This happens when you order different products at once from our store. This happens because different products on our store are packaged and shipped by different suppliers due to the large volume of orders we process. Each supplier has their own shipping methods and time. We try our best to ensure that all your products arrive the same day. But most probably, the difference in the time of arrival is not more than 2-3 days.


How do I cancel my order and ask for a refund?

An order can only be cancelled within 12 hours after placing it. Cancellation requests after 12 hours of ordering a product cannot be entertained as the order has already been packaged and probably shipped by then. To cancel an order and ask for a refund of your amount, please feel free to drop an e-mail to sales@americanwalldecals.com. Our executives will be happy to assist you.


The package is not in good shape and the content seems to be damaged. What do I do?

In such cases drop us a line immediately at sales@americanwalldecals.com. We’ll be happy to ship you a new package or process a refund if you want.


Do these products have a guarantee or a warranty?

No. The products sold on this website are wall stickers, wall decals and wall murals which do not have any guarantee or warranty attached.


How do I track my package ?

Since our orders are packaged and shipped by our suppliers in huge volumes, it is really hard to update individual customers about the tracking details of their package. Hence we cannot update the tracking details on our website. However, we have our internal tracking system to monitor each and every package and its location.

If you are really concerned about the location of your package, feel free to drop an e-mail at sales@americanwalldecals.com and we’ll update you about the location and estimated time of arrival of your package.


What if, I have any other query to ask for?

Feel free to contact our sales department at sales@americanwalldecals.com