About Us

American Wall Decals

American Wall Decals can be seen as a beer mug where the foam is the best handpicked wall decals. We have designed this website to help people find products without much search efforts. We reduce the options which confuse people when they are going to buy a certain item. We handpick the most relevant(which are obviously the best) wall decals in each category we serve.


American Wall Decals is a growing business, as for a start we have chosen to partner with the most Amazing suppliers because they are the most renowned suppliers in the world and they have an inventory which no one can beat(till now ). Apart from that, we strive toward becoming a big and trusted brand where millions of users shop everyday.


You can navigate through our website and have a look at our categories and if you like, you can also comment to help us increase the user experience. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Happy Shopping 🙂