Large Birch Tree Wall Decals

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Tree Wall Decals featuring white birch barks with some leaves and small birds along with them. These decals are good for your kid’s room, or other rooms as well. These large decals cover the entire wall, proving full embellishment.

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Modern style tree wall decals, featuring birch trees. These can also be used as nursery wall decals for your kid’s room. The stickers have white colored birch trees which are big enough in size. You can decorate your living room/guest room or even your office walls with these amazing tree decals. More specifications mentioned below:

  • Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
  • Classification: Floor Stickers,For Wall,Furniture Stickers
  • Specification: Multi-piece Package
  • Material: Plastic
  • Home Decor: wall stickers for kids rooms
  • Wall Sticker : wall sticker tree
  • Feature: wall decals tree branches
  • Wallpaper sticker: wallpaper sticker tree
  • Home decoration accessories: wall stickers home decor living room
  • 7 Trees.
Size of the Trees.

Whole visual dimension: 252 cm x 243 cm

Tree dimensions:

38 cm x 243 cm
28 cm x 242 cm
62 cm x 243 cm
46 cm  x 242 cm
40 cm x 222 cm
36 cm x 242 cm

27 cm x 241 cm