50Pc Luminous Snowflakes Stickers For Decoration

$ 18.95

Mesmerizing Glow-in-the-dark snowflakes to decorate your bedroom or hall. Can be used at Christmas or New Year for a party, or normal use. Lights up on its own. 50 pieces of 3x3cm each. White Color. FREE Shipping.


50 Pieces Glow In the Dark Snowflakes for Decorating Home

Total 50 Pieces of a combination of 5 different types of snow flakes sent in a random order. The flakes absorb light and glow automatically in the dark. Easy to apply and remove. Exceptional for Christmas, New Year and normal use.

Dimension: 3×3 cm

Quantity: 50 pieces (combination of a random number of 5 different designs)

Color: White.